Sunday, August 31, 2008

Washers Tournament

So every year for the last 3 Years I have gone to New Jersey with some friends for the annual Washers tournament. The easiest way to sum up washers is calling it the Poor Man's Horseshoes but it is so much more then that. It requires a Team of two people and six 1/5"wide industrial sized washers that you try and get into a large 5" wide Tomato Soup Can the first team that reaches 21 wins,The rest of the scoring can be shown above.

Along with the washers of course there is a Keg and often a lot of time in between games. The last 2 years I have started out playing Washers pretty seriously and then got too drunk to focus on the game or getting a metal thing into a blurry soup can. But this year I came home Victorious! Me and my Body building friend Brian (Jebus) were appropriately named JUMBO SHRIMP and used our size difference to our advantage.

Jebus rocked his pristine Wifebeater/Man Bra and flexed in between shots to distract our opponents as I used my low center of Gravity to get the perfect arc in my shot. Between the two of us we were an unstoppable force ending with 5 Wins and 1 Loss and beating out 25 teams.

I was just so into the tournament and pumped to win that I forgot that the winner got $50 aka Weezer (Which will be explained in the next post) and 3 Golden Washers which I made a Stand for shown above.

And to all those who are wondering..Yes Jumbo Shrimp will most definitely be back next year to Reclaim the throne of Washers Champions 

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