Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So I went into Urban Outfitters today to visit some old friends and checkout some Pants and Shoes. While walking around I decided to check out the Graphic Tee table. The Shirts average from $25 - $34 and when realizing how much money that was (without an employee discount) I decided to bail on that Idea and head to Staples. I bought a pack of Iron on Transfer paper and went home and had a field day. Eventually I'd like to silkscreen these, but i did all this in about 2 hours and it was all kinda spur of the moment. I just realized that The designs I work on everyday translate pretty well to clothing, and it beats rocking a plain white T or a $35 Shirt that you know thousands of other people own.

*I have been pretty quiet lately since starting (finally) my personal website which will have most of my work on it , Graphic Design, Packaging,Logos, Business Cards and some of the outside stuff I have posted on here in the past, I am really excited about it and will keep you posted or post a link when it's up.


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