Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hey so I was walking home the other night from a friends apartment and without fail when going through the turnstyle at any given time their will be atleast 25 - 30 Metrocards on the ground. I decided to collect them and I have been thinking of cool things I could do with them, I researched some origami sites but couldnt find anything that would work since the cards are so difficult to fold. 

     Then last night when ordering a sandwhich my favorite Wallet decided to call it quits and basically fell apart in my hands. I came home and searched online to see if I could find the same wallet but couldn't find it. That's when the light bulb went off, Metrocard Wallets, they spend most of their life in one now they can be one. This is a simple wallet and took 22 Metrocards to make I will see how it holds up. 

*For those who are wondering I had to heat up the needle with a candle and then melt through the plastic in order to sew it together, and yes... it did smell awful.


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