Wednesday, July 9, 2008


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So like most designers every morning when I wake up I have my routine of checking my Mail first and then my art blogs before I hop in the shower and start my day.  But there are some I skim through quickly and some that are a little more important to me. The website Kitsunenoir ( is a blog published by a Designer named Bobby Solomon. It was this blog that really got me to want to start a one of my own. 

I first discovered it when I was having trouble getting High Res Wallpaper for a 24" Monitor. Bobby started a section on his blog that he updates monthly of some of his favorite artists styles into High-Res Wallpaper (Now you know where I got the idea from). 

Last week Bobby decided to make this section interactive and a contest in which his readers (mostly artists) can Participate and win some cool Messenger Bag's and T-shirts.
Every Month He will post a Theme and some basic rules and the reader has a month to send in their artwork.  Three Wallpapers will be chosen and able for Download.

This Month's theme is Ghosts! And Since I am on a Halftone Kick I decided to play with some ideas, I just changed the negative and Positive dots into little Pac-Man Ghosts, Happy and Sad.

I'd like to explore color options before I submit. I will post the high res version once it is finished.


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