Thursday, July 17, 2008

Art Cards

Hey All,
Though I grew up in a very musical home - thanks to my dad, who I can't thank enough for introducing me to some classic records at a very early age. I definitely got the Creative, problem solving, Sense for design from my Mom.

    Growing up I remember these charcoal pencil portraits of me, my brother, and my sister hanging in my parents room and how realistic they looked. I actually remember numerous times throughout my childhood where I would avoid their room because of how creeped out I was that it seemed like they were looking back. As I became older I became more interested in the portraits. I guess it was the fact that they were the first photo realistic non-photographed portrait I had ever seen. I never really asked or said anything about the portraits as a kid but I remember always becoming frustrated when I Couldn't recreate the same realness when I tried drawing people.

.....So years later I find out that my mom had done the portraits, and  that she painted and drew quite a bit before being tied down to changing my diapers, punishing me and putting soap in my mouth :) thanks mom. 

        Now that my brother is on his own with a Wifey and a place in Boston I'm in my own place in Washington Heights,NY and my Sister has her schedule full between Training to becoming a nurse at School and actually being one at her job seems my  Mom has picked up her brush where she had left it.

        My Mom has now had her work in numerous Galleries and was in need of some schpancy art business cards (which is where I come in.)

    They were really easy to put together. My mom really wanted it to seem like she was handing out a smaller piece of her art, and  I thought it be nice to zoom in on the detail of brush strokes and the bleeding of colors as the back side.

     I obviously did them because 1.she needed them 2. I'm her son, and repay her for her creative German senses, but She being a mom insisted on treating me to canvases, So I am expecting 6 new 30x 40 canvases to come sometime next week... life is good.

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