Friday, December 28, 2007

São Paulo 6emeia Drainhole art

As some of you may or may not know in September of last year São Paulo, Brazil passed a law coined the "Clean City laws" banning advertisements or "visual pollution" as they call it. This includes all outdoor advertising from ad's on taxi's to store fronts.An estimated 13,000 billboards had to be removed. I have mixed feelings about this since I am a Graphic Designer but do agree with the removal of some of the excessive Billboards being used today. I Couldn't Imagine paying $4500 a month for an apartment in times square and having to look through a Calvin Klein models package (I'm sure some of you might not mind)
Either way the whole thing is interesting and surprising that it exists.

But.... what I seemed to enjoy more when reading about this was the street art that has emerged to bring some kind of art or "visual pollution" back to the streets. A few young artists who post under the Fotolog name 6emeia have been beautifying the city’s storm sewer openings with cleaver and fun cartoony paintings. Take that!

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