Thursday, December 27, 2007

Apt 201 The Board Game

Anyone that knows me knows that I live with 4 other guys in a Manhattan apt. Though we do a good job of staying out of each others way and keeping the place clean sometimes it can get crazy. When Explaining the living situation in the apartment to other people I never know what to say. Sooo I decided to make a board game.
The Board represents two month's in the apartment and it isn't how fast the month's go by or how quick you get to the end but how much money is in your wallet when you cross the finish.
Players alternate turns and roll 1 Die.



Cynthia said...

This looks likes fun. I want to play. Kudos on the artwork though. i like and appreciate very much.

Valerie said...

Val here- great job with the blog. The board game is my favorite. It reminds me of one I made when I was a kid called Rugburn- if you can imagine that.