Saturday, June 21, 2008

Where I Do What I Do.

My Boy Herm sent me a Link to a site called Where We Do What We Do ( Where people show off where they work and I'm sure it's where most of these people spend a majority of their day. At first when looking through It seemed to be just a place where people take pictures and show of their new Aluminum 24" Imacs...(Guilty) which for the most part, true but you do get to see into some really cool Design and Photography Studios, Freelance Illustrator home offices and many other cool professional Work Spaces,

Oh and If you just happen to want to vote for my Beautiful Aluminum 24' Imac just Click here :)


1 comment:

higgins said...

where the fuck did you get that cherry wood computer desk? fucking shit is tight, and would go well with my dining room set, ha-ha.