Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ray Caesar show at Jonathan Levine

So lately I have been on a Gallery attending binge. Since receiving my Subscription to Juxtapoz I have been exposed to a lot more artists from different backgrounds then I am use to getting into. Many graffiti artists, fine artists,toy designers who are producing some awesome work and having great gallery shows that I knew little about before. Last Months had a great Interview on Ray Caesar with an interesting background in medical manual design working in a hospital. Ray has been better known for his interesting characters and detail with the use of the computer program Maya. Ray explained in The Interview a little bit on how Maya works and how each object and pattern needs a wire frame "skeleton" that allows you to rotate and add very realistic shadows and highlights, I take his word for it that it is 10x harder then Photoshop or any other program I know. The opening at the Jonathan Levine Gallery ( seemed to be a success filled with a mix of long time fans and people like me who recently discovered him and who were surprised to see  how large and how detailed his work was.

*Oh also if you do happen to attend the show make sure you go to the other side of the gallery and check out the Octopus Chandeliers by Adam Wallcavage, they are really cool to see in person and the look amazing in the bright floral wallpaper they are displayed in, I just hope Urban Outfitters doesn't steal the idea and mass produce them for $70, though if that happened I probably would have to get one.


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