Friday, November 7, 2008

Portugal. The Man Vinyl Artwork

So I pre-ordered the Censored Colors Vinyl by Portugal the Man. For $30 I got the Vinyl and a T-Shirt. Portugal the Man is a band that definitely puts a lot of work into their records and in the studio, you can really hear all the work they put into the songs on the record. And although I prefer the sound of Vinyl over CD,Mp3 and Tape I am a bit selective on the records I buy on Vinyl. I like having a small collection of records that I really love since A. they take up a lot of space and I also like being able to get around to listening to my favorite records more often. 

I also have the past albums of Portugal the Man on Vinyl and knew they always had cool album artwork. The waiters Vinyl is clear with black splattered paint,I knew I had to pre order the Vinyl when It came out, I think I made the right choice.

They even came with a cut out Gorilla mask and Wheat paste, Wheat Paste Directions, and oh yeah it came with a free download of the album, The whole un-opening experience  felt a little bit like Christmas.

Check em' Out!

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Anonymous said...

chris your paintings are amazing! sell those!-rox